First day of Spring Classes are on January 7th!


Fall schedule

The First Day of Fall Classes is on Tuesday September 4th.



Ballet  Bar 4pm-5pm

Ballet  5pm-6pm

Contemporary 6pm-7pm

Hip hop 7pm-8pm



Jr. Company / Intermediate

Ballet 4pm-5pm

Jazz 5pm-6pm

Tap 6pm-7pm

Contemporary  7pm-8pm



Company & Teens

All Company 4pm-6pm

Teen Jazz 6-7

Teen Tap 7-8



Beginner and Preschool

Beg. Tap 4pm-5pm

Pre. Jazz 4pm-4:45pm (Office side)

Pre. Ballet 5pm-5:45pm (Office side)

Beg. Jazz 5pm-6pm

Beg. Ballet 6pm-7pm

Private lessons with Director Faith Thomas or Vocal and Piano lessons with Cori Herbert are also available.

For a Private lesson please contact Faith Thomas or Cori Herbert to see what scheduling works best for you. Text or leave a message to: 717-676-6170

Price: $20.00 for a 30 minute, or $40.00 for an hour. For each class

Schedule may be subject to change due to enrollment or schedule conflict issues. There is a registration fee of either $15.00 for half a year or $30 for a whole season.